The University continues its commitment to improving Information Management (IM) practices in alignment with the University Strategic Plan (2020-2025) and UWA 2030 Vision to deliver high value impact and efficiency for the University. Recordkeeping remains a fundamental pillar of information governance, supporting effective decision-making, mitigating risks and supporting legal compliance.

The University has a current approved Recordkeeping Plan 2018 (RKP) and an approved Sector Disposal Authority (SDA) in place, in compliance with the State Records Act 2000.

Key achievements and improvements for 2019 include:

  • approval from the State Records Commission of the University’s modernised Recordkeeping Plan (2018)
  • successful completion of the upgrade to TRIM* version 9, with improved functionality and compatibility with the University’s standard operating environment
  • formation of the University’s Information Governance Steering Committee
  • successful implementation of an enhanced digitisation software solution that facilitates automated capture of business system generated records to TRIM
  • review of the UWA Recordkeeping Training Program, with improvements identified
  • delivery of training to more than 400 staff through group presentations, workshops, one-to-one training and online training.

* TRIM is the University’s official electronic document and records management system.