The University is committed to continually improving its Information Management (IM) practices to deliver tangible benefits to the University. UWA continues to develop and implement information governance policies, processes and training to assist staff and the University meet their information management responsibilities and comply with relevant legislation.

UWA has a current approved Record Keeping Plan (RKP) and an approved Sector Disposal Authority (SDA) in place in compliance with the State Records Act 2000.

The University's achievements and improvements in 2017 include:

  • creation of a new Information Governance and Reporting Team aligned to the University's Strategy, Planning and Performance function
  • establishment of a cross-functional IM Strategy Team to drive continual service improvement for records management
  • submission of a review of the University's RKP in compliance with s28 of the State Records Act 2000 to the State Records Commission
  • completion of a review of UWA's student records digitalisation program and document scanning solution to improve practices, processes and technology
  • delivery of training to more than 600 staff through group presentations, workshops and one-to-one sessions
  • implementation of improvements to TRIM TRIM is the University's official electronic document and records management system. to future-proof managing UWA administrative records and to capture electronically an important set of historic records
  • implementation of a streamlined online TRIM account application process to better serve staff

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