We are a community of people who want to explore the unknown, challenge convention and make things happen.
Chancellors introductionChancellor's introduction
We have positioned the University to launch exciting new projects and initiatives which will enable it to deliver on its mission and excel in its core activities of teaching and research.
Vice-Chancellors overviewVice-Chancellor's overview
We are proud to be a community institution and I thank our staff, students and friends in the community for their ongoing support, commitment to our success and involvement.
2016 A look back2016 – A look back
UWA staff, students and researchers had many significant achievements in 2016. The following pages highlight just some of these achievements.
2016 summary2016 summary
9 faculties, 24 research centres, 30 schools and 3 research institutes…
UWA scores five star rankings in student demand, and is ranked the highest nationally in starting salaries…
EducationDivision report – Education
The University's Education portfolio continued to develop its world-class teaching and learning program to benefit students, staff and the Western Australian community.
ResearchDivision report – Research
UWA will continue to play a pivotal role in global research, helping to transform and enrich lives for the better and contributing to important discoveries.
Community and EngagementDivision report – Community and Engagement
2016 was a successful year for the Community and Engagement pillar of the University with a continued strengthening of engagement between UWA and the wider community.
Faculty focusFaculty focus
Reports from the deans of our nine faculties…