Impacts of national tertiary environment

The higher-education funding environment presents challenges within the teaching and research context. The demand-driven funding system for undergraduate positions provides less certainty of student revenue for universities. The national research-funding environment continues to be highly competitive. Recent world events present a greater opportunity to address both of thesethrough international growth.

The impact of legislation

With the passage of the Universities Legislation Amendment Act 2016, a number of amendments to the University of Western Australia Act 1911 were given effect on 2 January 2017. The most significant of these was a reduction in the number of Senate members from 21 to 17. There is a transition period and members holding office immediately prior to 2 January 2017 continue to hold office for the balance of their term.

The impact of litigation

There have been no legal proceedings involving the University in 2016, underway or forthcoming, which have had or could have a material impact on the University's operations.

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