2016 meetings of Senate members

A = Number of meetings held during the time the member held office
B = Number of meetings of the Senate and Senate Committees that the members have attended

Meetings of committees

  Senator's period of membership in 2016 Senate meetings Audit and risk Chancellor's Honorary degrees Strategic resources
    A B A B A B A B A B
Chancellor (Dr M Chaney)whole year66  3311  
Vice-Chancellor (Professor P Johnson)to 30.11.1655  3211  
Ms S Murphywhole year65      54
Dr S Boydwhole year65  3311  
Acting Vice-Chancellor (Professor D Freshwater)from 01.12.1611        
Professor R da Silva Rosawhole year66      54
Professor N Laingwhole year65           
Dr S Juniperwhole year66          
Dr L Hayeswhole year6554        
Mr S Dawkinswhole year65          54
Mr F Cooperwhole year65  33  54
Ms M Dolinwhole year655532    
Mr J Inveraritywhole year66        
Mr Q Lywhole year66        
Ms H Silbertwhole year66    11  
Assoc Professor C MacNishwhole year66    1154
Dr J O’Sheawhole year65        
Dr P Flettwhole year66  3310  
Adjunct Professor W Kerrwhole year66        
Mr J Colemanto 30.11.1654        
Mr P Derbyshireto 30.11.1655        
Ms M Mulhollandwhole year66      55
Mr N Jayawardenefrom 01.12.1611        
Mr O Mylesfrom 01.12.1611        

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