At UWA we believe that knowledge is just the start. We must impart it, share it and never cease to create it.
Mission, vision and objectivesMission, vision and objectives
UWA aspires to be recognised as one of the world's top 50 global universities by 2050. We  provide world-class education, research and community engagement for the advancement of the prosperity and welfare of our communities.
Operational structure: governance and managementOperational structure: governance and management
A key feature of the University's governance and management system is its strong collegial foundation. The University's peak academic body is the Academic Board, established by the Senate under Statute 19 and chaired in 2015 by Associate Professor Cara MacNish.
Senate membersSenate members
The members of the University Senate in 2015 are listed here.
2015 meetings of Senate members2015 meetings of Senate members
A table specifying the number of meetings each Senate member attended in 2015.
University governanceUniversity governance
A diagrammatic representation of the University's governance structure in 2015.
Management structureManagement structure
A diagrammatic representation of UWA's management structure in 2015.
Risk managementRisk management
The University's Strategic Risk Register, which was refreshed in 2014 to reflect the new Strategic Plan, was updated again in 2015 to account for faculty plans developed as part of an integrated planning exercise.
Statistical profileStatistical profile
A breakdown of the course types chosen by our student cohort for the past 10 years.
Significant issues and trendsSignificant issues and trends
Volatile investment markets returned lower than budget year results for the University's investment funds in 2015, but there were no other major concerns.