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The University is committed to records management practices that comply with relevant legislation and are in line with good professional practice. In accordance with the State Records Act 2000, UWA has a current approved Record Keeping Plan (RKP) and an approved Sector Disposal Authority (SDA) in place. In line with the approved RKP, UWA continues to develop and implement formal record-keeping policies, processes and a technical training program, which is readily available to staff to assist them in meeting their recordkeeping responsibilities.

Over 720 staff received record-keeping training during 2015. The training program comprises of group presentations, online supporting documentation, workshops and one-to-one training.

Significant record-keeping improvements and achievements in 2015 include:

  • the transition of all current personnel case files from paper to electronic;
  • implementation of electronic document and records management for UWA prizes and bequests; and
  • a successful TRIM* upgrade.

* TRIM is the official electronic document and records management system of the University.

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