UWA aspires to be recognised as one of the world’s top 50 global universities by 2050.
Auditor General Report to Parliament
The Auditor-General has audited and approved UWA's financial accounts for 2015.
Certification of financial statements
The University has certified its financial statements for 2015.
Financial statements
The Financial statements for the University in 2015.
Certification of key performance indicators
The University's key performance indicators are based on proper records.
Key performance indicators
The key performance indicators presented in this section measure the University's efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its services and the resultant outcomes.
Other financial disclosures
During 2015, in line with the University's Capital Asset Management Plan, the University spent $38.94 million on major capital projects.
Governance disclosures
In 2015, the University paid a premium of $130,075 for Directors' and Officer's Liability Insurance.
Other legal requirements
There have been no Public Interest Disclosures or breaches of environmental regulations in 2015.
Statement of compliance with the Record Keeping Plan
More than 720 staff received record-keeping training during 2015.
Media and advertising expenditure
UWA spent just over $5.5 million on media and advertising in 2015.