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Key performance indicators - Community and global engagement

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UWA 2020 Vision notes 'A world-class university serves its communities not only by the excellence of its education and research activities and outcomes, but through its broader contribution to the intellectual, cultural and social life of those communities, locally, nationally and internationally'. UWA does this by engaging with:

  • business, industry and the professions;
  • government at local, state and national levels;
  • its alumni around the world;
  • the arts and scientific communities;
  • a variety of constituencies such as parents, schools, local residents, and collaborators around the world.

The feedback from business, government and the community allows UWA to focus and align its activities with community need, and provides the greatest opportunity for its research and education to find application and use.

Strategic goal

The strategic goal is to be recognised for the strong and mutually beneficial relationships it has forged with its stakeholders.

Key performance indicators

Achievement of this goal will be measured by the following indicator: