Annual report

Key performance indicators

The key performance indicators presented in this section measure the University's efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its services and the resultant outcomes.

They have been framed in the context of the University of Western Australia Act 1911 which clearly states in its preamble that the University was established to provide 'further instruction in those practical arts and liberal studies which are needed to advance the prosperity and welfare of the people', and in the context of the strategic direction described in the University's new strategic plan—UWA 2020 Vision: Strategic Plan: 2014–2020.

UWA 2020 Vision states the University's mission is 'to provide world-class education, research and community engagement for the advancement of the prosperity and welfare of our communities'. It also articulates the University's aspirations to 'undertake world-class research', 'provide our students with a world-class educational experience' and 'be deeply engaged with our communities locally, nationally and globally'. These aspirations are summarised succinctly in the vision statement as 'We aspire to be recognised as one of the world's top 50 global universities by 2050'. The 'Mission, vision and objectives' section of this Annual Report provides more detail on the strategic plan.

Consistent with its pursuit of international excellence, the University aims for consistent improvement in its performance across all of its activities as measured by the performance indicators presented in this section. These indicators have been selected from the measures of success listed in UWA 2020 Vision under each of the strategic goals articulated for the key areas of leadership in education, internationally-renowned research, and community and global engagement. Actual performance has been compared with targets approved by the University's Senate.

Leadership in education
The University's performance in education.
Internationally-renowned research
Research and research training
The University's performance in research.
Community and global engagement
The University's performance in community and global engagement.