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The University defines major capital projects as those costing in excess of $5 million.

During 2014, in line with the University's Capital Asset Management Plan, the University spent $20.81 million on major capital projects.

In the same period the University completed the following projects:

CO2 Research Facility

Construction of a carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) research facility, funding of which was provided by the Australian Government's Education Investment Fund. It provides laboratory facilities for educating students about the key principles and methods of CCS and is an important component of Australia's national efforts in reducing carbon emissions. It will draw international talent to conduct fundamental thermodynamic, hydrodynamic, geochemical and geophysical research, including research relating to the Southwest Hub. This Crawley campus based project was completed in August 2014, for an estimated total cost of $9.04 million.

UWA Student Central (formerly Student Services precinct)

The development and opening of UWA Student Central improves services offered by the Admissions Centre, International Centre, Student Administration and Student Support Services. It aims to integrate all facilities into a single contact point, which will become a flagship destination on campus for staff and students. This project was completed and opened in December 2014, for an estimated total cost of $6.56 million.

In addition to the projects in progress above, the University has commenced planning for the following additional major capital projects:

The Engineering Zone (EZONE UWA) will provide new and refurbished buildings to develop the University's strong expertise in engineering, and create spaces for innovative multidisciplinary education and research.

A new Aboriginal Cultures Museum will provide a new home for the University's extraordinary collections of Aboriginal art, and will provide a major centre for the study, understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal arts and cultures.

Major projects in progress at 31 December 2014

Project Note Estimated total
cost ($m)
Estimated cost to
Expected year
of completion
(by year)
Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
(IOMRC)—Crawley (new building)
1 61.77  49.45  2016 
Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
(IOMRC)—Watermans Bay (building refurbishment)
1 12.35  9.27  2015 
Forrest Hall (new student accommodation)   15.00  14.93  2017 
Indigenous Studies Building (new building) 2 10.18  10.09  2017 
    99.30  83.74   

1 The estimated total of the Crawley facility has been adjusted to allow for the additional cost required for the Watermans Bay facility.

2 The University is currently considering the scale and scope of this project.