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Annual Report 2014

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Updated 27 Mar 2015

Welcome to The University of Western Australia's Annual Report for 2014.

Chancellor's introduction
Dr Michael Chaney presents the Annual Report for 2014, stating that the year was marked by a number of achievements and challenges. Notable among them was the elevation of UWA to 88 in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, up from 91 in 2013 (and 200 just six years ago).
Vice-Chancellor's overview
Professor Paul Johnson provides a review of 2014, underlining that UWA has made plans to review and revise its internal operations to ensure continued progress in a changing and challenging environment.
Operational structure
The University was established by the University of Western Australia Act 1911. The Act provides the legislative machinery for administering the University; it establishes the Governing Body (the Senate) which is empowered to ‘have the entire control and management of the affairs of the University'.
Agency performance
The University's mission, vision and objectives as well as risk management, research, education, and community and engagement.
Statistical profile 
The University's statistical profile for total student enrolments, student loads, full-year student load, degrees and awards conferred and staff FTE by major organisational unit.
Significant issues and trends 
An overview of the effects of economic and other factors, the impact of legislation, and the impact of litigation on the University.
Financial statements 
The University's income statement, statement of comprehensive income, statement of financial position, statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows, and notes to the financial statements.
Key performance indicators 
The University's performance in leadership in education, internationally-renowned research and community and global engagement.
Disclosures and legal compliance 
An overview of the University's statement of compliance, Auditor General’s report to Parliament, certification of financial statements, major capital projects, staffing, governance disclosures, and other legal requirements.